Making a garden for many comes with its fair share of challenges, but there is never an impossible problem. Our passion is making gardens, we understand the complexities and opportunities of working in outdoor areas where access is difficult and space limited – we are perfectly positioned to give you the best possible garden design and advice right from the start, avoiding unnecessary costs and time delays. 

Projects at home, both indoors or outside, can be time consuming and at times stressful. When we take on a project we apply all our expertise in contract and project management to ensure you get the best results at the right price, no matter what size the project. 

The luxury online store for viewing plants plants, materials, garden decking, garden furniture, pots and paving, give you a huge advantage over most garden services where it can be difficult to appreciate the scale or how materials feel and look. Our garden design service will come to you and will be able to show you first hand the plants and products available for your overall design.

Ashcourt Landscaping Colchester Essex Patio


At Ashcourt Landscaping we cover a large array of external services including patios and pathways for both residential and commercial properties. We have many years experience installing and helping customers design their outdoor areas.

Whether it be block paving, stone slabs, or resin we can lay down a professional and long lasting surface to your requirements. Not only can we help you with your path to a better property, but we can also provide raised patios or even extend your existing patio or pathway. We cover all different materials, shapes and sizes to suit the majority of our customers needs. 

With materials available in different styles and colours, we can bring your property back to life. Choose from materials such as limestone for paved areas in your back garden for a contemporary look, to Indian stone for a classical and natural appearance, to slating or brickwork for a classical look.

Ashcourt Landscaping Colchester Essex Patio


When you invest in your garden it makes good sense to make sure it can be cared for effectively and efficiently. We recommend wherever possible a full irrigation system is fitted. For comparatively little cost an irrigation system will give you peace of mind that your garden is getting the water it needs, when it needs it, whether you are at home or away. 

When the sun goes down, our gardens are still there to enjoy, and with thoughtfully designed and installed garden lighting the ‘room outside’ can become exactly that; a beautiful, useful, practical and relaxing space. Garden lighting encompasses the practical – such as security lighting – to the inspirational, fully designed lighting schemes that can transform the garden into a genuinely magical space. Our services cover all aspects of garden lighting, from up-lighting a single feature tree to multiple lights controlled through the main lighting system in your home.

Ashcourt Landscaping Colchester Essex Lighting


Beautifully designed and constructed landscape gardens. Ecologically friendly and kind to the natural world.


All types of walling or fencing undertaken. Professionally completed with years of experience in a range of techniques.


Specialising in quality turfing, lawn management and weed control. A complete turfing and returfing service.


Exterior wood decking, supplied & professionally fitted. Old and new decking staining available in a range of preservatives and colours.


We offer a range of block paving solutions in a wide selection of materials, sizes, styles and colours.


Any kind of general garden maintenance undertaken, small or large jobs accepted, commercial or private contracts available.

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